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Fintech and advisory for commodity and rate hedging

Continuous Market Insights | Innovative Technology | Tailored Hedge Programs

Our fully-integrated approach enables customers to RESEARCH, MANAGE, and TRADE their hedge portfolios with confidence.

Our award-winning platform modernizes and automates the interactions between companies and their counterparties. AEGIS is recognized for our:- Proprietary technology modules- Deep and actionable insights- Focused expertise on hedge strategy and execution

AEGIS is the Leader in Hedge Advisory and Execution

Our team is well versed in effectively managing a diverse range of production profiles and risk tolerances – the numbers speak for themselves


BOE/d of production

Upstream Entities

Sponsors & Lenders

Trading Counterparties


Unmatched Technology
Unique Insights

With over 195 public and private upstream entities producing over 3MM BOE/d on our platform, along with a team dedicated to studying global energy markets and infrastructure projects, we offer a differentiated perspective to drive your hedging decisions.

Energy executives have worked with imperfect information for far too long. We leverage technology to distribute information, improve execution, assess scenarios, and deliver actionable insights through web and mobile modules.

Best Execution
Complete Focus

Our trading team intimately understands each portfolio and we take the time to tailor our recommendations based on the customer's objectives and not ours. Our large footprint gives us access to information that the market does not and we partner with over 35 counterparties to arrive at fair value.

It would be easy to get distracted and pursue activities and fee structures that put us in compromising positions. We choose to stay focused on powering capital deployment and protection through fixed fee contracts. No conflicts. Ever.


Running a proper in-house hedge management program in house requires significant time, money, and resources - much of which is non-core to the business. The AEGIS platform includes it all with flexible levels of support to best fit your hedging needs and budget.


The Industry's First Bilateral 

Hedge Marketplace

AEGIS Engage was developed to solve current bilateral market challenges by delivering automation, transparency, access to information, fair pricing, and efficient trade execution.


Our Industry-Leading Hedge Management Module

AEGIS Flow is our SOC-certified back office module that enables customers to fully manage their hedge program through hedge details and benchmarks, analytics and valuations, price curves, hedge solver, and confirms and settlements.


Actionable Insights based on Proprietary Market Analysis

AEGIS View provides focused market analysis to cut through the noise and support hedging decisions, including daily, weekly, and quarterly insights.


Energy Producers


Upstream energy companies are the risk takers who allow economies to thrive. We provide these producers with deep market insight, technology and advisory services that enable them to effectively evaluate assets and continually assess and manage their cash flow.

Energy loans require hedging covenants and the need to quickly compile information across investments to analyze aggregated risk. Our technology reduces the administrative burdens placed upon energy producers and lenders to make better and faster credit decisions.

Private Equity

Hedge Counterparties

Private equity plays a critical role in deploying capital across numerous energy investments on behalf of its investors. We enable sponsors to view production profiles, hedge positions, counterparty exposures, and valuations across portfolio companies and management teams.

We place bilateral trades with over 35 counterparties on behalf of our energy producer customers. We provide hedge counterparties the ability to access production and hedge book information for their customers to enable more effective risk taking and competitive pricing.


Information Services

Protecting the confidentiality of our energy producers is paramount. However, aggregated and de-identified data on production profiles combined with industry hedge benchmarks, basin-level research, and insights power smarter investment decisions.

So much information but so little insight. We sit on top of proprietary data, models, market insights, technology, and benchmarks that enable us to support information services in ways that public data simply cannot.

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